Brand New Website

We have just completed doing a makeover of our website. Our old website was developed using Drupal. The steep learning curve of Drupal was the main reason the project took so long to complete. In the course of doing the project, we realized that there is enormous amount of work if we continue to use Drupal hence we abandoned the project. Not the fault of Drupal though, because Drupal is like the Swiss Army knife of CMS platforms. It is one of the best CMS platforms out there. It is just that we did not have enough time to learn and master it. We are mainly e-commerce sellers by day and web developer by night. So basing on our profile, we realized that we are the wrong type of users of Drupal as we are far from being considered professional website developers.

Our new website (which is the website you are viewing now) is developed using WordPress. It is easier to manage and from our initial experience with it, we think we will stick with it. Our website and online store are both developed in-house not only to save on cost but mainly because it is fun to do it yourself. Our goal is to make our website simple yet functional for our customers. WordPress is suitable for casual web site owners/developers like us having can-do-it attitude.

As was the original goal, our website serves as a landing page for our customers who would like to know more about our business and as a tool for our customers to connect with us.